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Yashallay Trainers & Consultants LLP has developed a distinctive idea in the field of Sales Coaching. Yashallay has developed a "Sales Outsourcing" model whereby Small & Medium Enterprises can ‘outsource’ their entire sales function / department.

Yashallay gets involved from framing of job description, selection of field force, training & induction, mentoring, monitoring, reporting, reviewing and ensuring the achievement of the sales targets of the company.

Sales remain the most important facet of any business. However, the entrepreneur of a Small & Medium Enterprise usually ends up wearing too many hats. Here, Yashallay steps in and helps the entrepreneur to concentrate on other important aspects of business, by taking the responsibility of the Sales Department in its entirety.

Endless possibilities & opportunities.

Meet Our Expert

Suhas Harshe is an experienced sales professional with 30 years expertise. He is a certified coach and a member of International Coaching Federation.

Suhas Harshe has been instrumental in developing a unique "Sales Coaching" service which helps in established companies improve their sales significantly. Before entering the field of Sales , Start-up and Money coaching, he has around 25 years of experience working in the corporate sector.

He has spent his career in Sales, Marketing and Business Development in reputed organisations like Kotak Group, DHL Worldwide Express, Godrej and HMV (His Masters Voice). In his last corporate assignment, he worked as a Vice President with Kotak Life Insurance.

Ashish Bhave is a Mind-set coach. He had implemented all his knowledge in developing right mind set for success. Apart from being Certified Wealth Coach & Trainer™ he is an International Advanced life coach, Practitioner NLP and Master practitioner in NLP. His speciality is money and he has developed an unique model in helping people to become ‘RICH and HAPPY” – Money and Life freedom coach.

Sales also requires right mind set. People who are successful in Sales develop right mind set strategies. Ashish is helping people to implement these strategies in life. Ashish had reached more than 15000 lives till date through different platforms.

Before starting with Yashallay he was a Sales coach to Life insurance advisors, Financial advisors and entrepreneurs.

Harshavardhan Bhusari has 25 years of experience in the field of Finance, Administration and logistics in India and abroad, inclusive of 11 years of experience in the Financial Services sector. He is a Bachelor of Commerce & Law and a Certified Financial Planner - the Gold standard in certification. He believes that he has a rich experience to share. Training the young generation to face the challenges of corporate world is now a mission for him. Harshavardhan’s strength is being creative and out of box thinking.