Romancing with Sales

SALES should happen, not done!
An intense workshop designed to grow your sales exponentially. This Workshop combines knowledge sharing with practical techniques which can be implemented immediately.

It will cover 6 full days of training, once every 15 days. First half will be dedicated to learning. Second half will be focused on applying the learnings to grow your sales. Follow up on implementation will be done in intervening 15 days which assures results.

  • Session 01:
    • WHY you are doing what you are doing
    • Developing intimate relationship with Sales
    • NLP techniques for sales success
  • Session 02:
    • Do you know your sales goals?
    • Defining strategy & Plan of action for achievement of goals
  • Session 03:
    • Pre-sales - Prepare for your sales 'date'
    • Effective Sales & NLP Communication model
  • Session 04:
    • Crafting a successful sales 'date'
    • FAB & MAN techniques
  • Session 05:
    • Objections or Opportunities?
    • Sales Closing techniques
  • Session 06:
    • The WOW effect
    • Your Client is your soulmate

Course Fees: Rs. 15000 ( inclusive of Breakfast, Tea, Lunch and Study material.)