Sales Angiography

Sales Angiography is a powerful tool to find out the blockages in your sales process. It helps you in identifying the reasons due to which your sales is suffering.
Sales is the lifeblood of any organisation. Any blockages in the sales system is likely to cause serious issues for the health of your organisation.Identifying them and taking corrective actions in a timely manner is of utmost importance to keep your organisation sales healthy.

Check your Sales Blockage



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1. Have you set Sales goals for your business?
2. Have you prepared Sales Budget for your sales function?
3. Do you have a Sales Structure of your organisation?
4. Do you have a structured Incentives system for your sales staff?
5. Has your sales staff undergone any formal Sales Trainings?
6. Do you have a Reporting system for your sales team?
7. Are you aware that there are Sales and Non-sales measurement parameters for your sales team?
8. Do you have any client Referral Program?
9. Does your sales team follow any methodology for Up-selling or Cross-selling?
10. Does your sales team have a standard Sales Presentation to be shown to prospective customers?
11. Do you have a structured Lead Generation activity for your sales team?
12. Have you identified your Key Result Areas for your sales team?
13. Have you prepared a Sales Dashboard for your sales function?
14. Do you arrange any motivational activities for your sales team?
15. Does your sales staff carry along a complete Sales Kit with them when they visit prospective customers?
16. Do you follow an input-oriented Sales Process for your sales team?
17. Does your sales Brochure or presentation focus on the benefits to the client?
18. Have you calculated the absolute Cost of a product or service below which your sales team is not allowed to sell?
19. Do you have a system to measure the Productivity of each sales team member separately?
20. Are you aware of the conversion Ratio from leads to prospects?
21. As a business owner, are you more focused on Profitability for your business?
22. Is your sales team responsible for Collection of dues?